Mohr’s Exotic Island Hunt

Mohr’s Exotic Island Hunt

For years I have heard rumors about this place but never really paid any attention to it until recently. Every year choosing a Christmas present for my father is one of the hardest tasks to do as I never know what to get him. So this year I decided to get him a hunt for wild hogs. I ran this idea by my brothers and they wanted in on this as well as they thought the idea was great.  While researching places and prices Mohr’s came up again, so I added them to my list to research further.

There are many videos of this place on you tube. These videos are usually are of the kill itself or of people driving by on their boats filming the animals running around the island. I could not find a video that showed more than that. The reviews I read ranged from caged hunt to extreme hunting. Some said the animals stood there in the wide open and came to you begging to be killed. Others said it was a true stalk and hunt experience.

I decided to get more info directly from the source even though I knew in doing so that their response will represent their best interests as much as possible.  After a few emails back and forth the pros and cons were laid out and I made a decision. I had a lot of pros and no cons at the time. The only con was the cost of butchering hog was 250 + dollars not including anything special like sausage or bacon. In the end I booked my fathers and my hunt with them.


  • Low cost preserve hunt : $ 350 dollars
  • Less than 7 miles from my house: Located 100 race st, BainBridge PA
  • Guarantees kill though they offer full fair chase. The guarantee is you have fair chase till you find and harvest your animal.
  • Sunday Hunting.
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Gutting was included.

On my visit to my parents’ house for the holidays I presented my father with his gift.  I created a scroll that outlines his weekend visit from the time he arrived to the time he departed.  We rolled the scroll up and put it in an empty glow stick tube and wrapped it to look like a stick of dynamite. He was stoked that he would be down visiting me and enjoying a weekend of hunting that included the hog hunt as well as waterfowl hunting on Saturday. See the post here to read more about that hunt: .

Skip forward to the day of the hunt. I gave my father my 30-06 to use and he strapped on his 38 revolver as side arm / backup and I took my bow and my Glock as a side arm / backup. We showed up at the address we were given and waited for some direction. There were two lots and two ramps.  One of the ramps and one of the lots were public the other belong to members only. After standing near the car for a while finally someone drove over by us and told us to head to the members only ramp. We headed over there and parked. Shortly after getting out of the car we were approached by another hunter that informed us he was asked to hand out the permission slips. We completed the permission slips and talked to a few other hunters that were NJ and lived not far from my Dad and brother. Around 8:00 am they told us to head down to the ramp and board a boat. Communication was defiantly lacking.

We arrived to the island in about a minute after leaving the ramp. Once we arrived we headed up a small hill to a shelter where we waited further direction. When everyone arrived on the island we were informed we would be putting on a drive like you do for deer.  The 6 hunters, 4 observers and two guides lined up in a line across the west side of the island and started walking. This is not what I expected and definitely was not ideal for me shooting a bow. The area was thick with natural growth and littered with trash from the floods making it a hard area to even draw back let alone get an arrow to any distance. The rest of the hunters did not have to worry about this as I thought my father carrying the 30-06 was over kill but seeing these other guys show up with what looked like mini bazookas I felt under powered. They could shoot through a tree and still take the hog.

We continued our drive for a while longer with the terrain changing a few time from thick stuff to open fields. After about 30 minutes or so we came across the first hogs. The guides called for a person with a rifle to come down as it was next to the river and they did not want it to swim away. They had the whole line stop so they knew where everyone was before a shot was allowed to be placed.  The hunter had a nice easy shot and the pig went down real easy. They then gut the pig for you right there and have it picked up by boat before continuing the drive. This continued as each hunter got their hog. Watching these easy shots that they were getting I was feeling very confident that my first bow kill will go well. It is one thing to practice daily and another thing to actually shoot an animal with it.

My father and I were the last two hunters to get our hog. The funny thing is they found ours hiding less than 40 yards from where the first hog of the day was shot. Did they know they were there already and just wanted to put on a bigger show or not, no one will know. Upon approaching where they were they were hiding under a fallen log and you could barely see them. The guide had us take up positions while he approached the log to scare them out. As he scared them out the hogs ran for their lives. It became like a scene from swamp people where “Troy is yelling shoot them Elizabeth”. All I could here is them yelling to shoot and for us to run after them. I was a bit confused none of the other hunter’s hunts were like this. I felt like I was in lord of flies. My first shot went over the hog. My father’s first shot grazed the hogs shoulder as he fired the pig turned. My next shot got hung up by a small branch that I did not see before firing in my heist and them yelling. As I knocked another arrow my father took his second shot which hit it in the money spot causing the hog to jump and let out something similar to a bears death moan. This commotion caused my hog to turn as my third arrow was heading towards its heart and catching it in the back. The rage broad head went about 7 inches into the hog and blood was spewing out like it hit artery. You could see the wound getting bigger as the hog moved and the rage cut more and more. I then pulled my side arm out and finished the hog off before it could move any further. The guides said not to shoot the hog in the head with a pistol to finish it off when the hunt first started so I put two shots into the heart area. While doing this they were yelling to aim for the head that I was doing it wrong, I replied you said not to shoot in the head. So I walked over and put another two shots in the head. Once mine was down we followed the blood trail to my father’s hog that had bedded down. When we approached it you could see it was dying. The hog stood up and walked toward us snorting. The guide took my side arm and put one in its head. The hog stood there looking at us pissed. I told him to shoot again as he did not go down but you could clearly see the hole and blood from the shot. He said don’t worry that he is dead standing there. Shortly after the hog dropped and the guides gutted them and carried them to the pickup boat.  These hogs are like tanks, no wonder why these guys had such large rifles with them.

We then met up with the rest of the group and hiked back to the cabin where we were served lunch and drinks. Can you guess what was for lunch? Lunch consisted on ham sandwiches, made with fresh hog! Once lunch was over they ferried all of us back over to the main land where they helped us load the hogs into our vehicles and we all settled up.

All together it was an ok hunt. It was spent with family that made it so much better. The staff could have communicated with us a bit better and should of gave a better debrief. Be prepared to hunt and not just show up, jump out of the boat and shoot an animal then get back in the boat. The pigs are put out about a day prior and hide well in the natural surroundings and amongst all the trash. Make sure you where old cloths and good boots, watch your step and where you put your hands as well. There were many rusty nails and other objects that could have caused some serious pain and problems. Make sure you dress for the weather as well. We dressed in layers so it was not so bad removing layers as we heated up hiking the islands for the hogs. Only thing I would have done different is waited for a shot I was 100% ok with and not listening to the guides yell shoot.

A Video of the hunt will be posted once editing is completed.

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  • Michael says:

    So I get a call the other day from Steve Mohr’s wife. they found my brothers phone on the island. I wen t and picked it up after a week of it being outside and it still works, amazing.

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